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GIVING WARRIORS “3 minute streaming video clips of people who lived the generous life. Do you know who Henry Parsons Crowell is? He was one of the wealthiest men of Chicago when he died in 1943. “He was the founder of Quaker Oats gave away nearly 70 percent of earnings for more than 40 years. But Crowell viewed all things as a stewardship from God, including influence. Over the years, one businessman after another would comment on how he came to know Christ personally because of the life of integrity lived by Henry Parsons Crowell.” There are others inspiring stories as well.

Robertson McQuilkin’s Resignation Speech
Robertson McQuilkin was the president of Columbia International University in South Carolina as his wife , Muriel, battled Alzheimer’s Disease. He resigned in 1990 to take care of his wife. Here’s his resignation speech. The audio is not good but the content is quite moving. It is a model of a man’s love and commitment to his wife.


3 Responses to Media

  1. Keith Reeves says:

    We can not open the resignation speech website, and would like to play the audio for a marriage conference this weekend (oct 21, 2006)

  2. Billy Park says:

    I’ve corrected the link above. Here it is as well:

    Thanks for checking out my website.

  3. steve graves says:

    we are trying to download the mcquilkin speech from the link on your site. it will not let me play it. any ideas. thanks steve

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