The Importance of Reading by Billy Park

The Four P’s of Ministry by Billy Park

Impressions of Korea b y Dr. Brian Chapell, President and Professor of Practical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, visited Korea on March 5-7, 2005 for a special conference. He wrote an informal “Impressions of Korea” for some friends. Rev. I. Henry Koh of the PCA forwarded this article to some English-speaking Korean American pastors. Because Dr. Chapell’s insights really “hit the nail on the head” (as my wife said after reading it), I asked Dr. Chapell if he would give me permission to post it on this website. He initially refused because it was meant as an informal article, yet later he graciously agreed to let me post a revised version under the condition that I mentioned that this article “was not intended to be an official report, but was just impressions that I sent to some friends.” Thank you, Dr. Chapell. (Billy Park)


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  1. Jim Kang says:

    Thank you for sharing Dr. Chapell’s observations. Very insightful.

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