This website, Reforming Korean American Ministry, is seeking to rally Korean American pastors and leaders to be part of a wider movement to recover historic biblical truth. I am not trying to develop a new theology — “Korean American Theology”, New Perspectives, or Emerging Theology. My desire is to uphold the historic theology of the Reformation. I am concerned to put sound theology into practice in the Korean American / Asian American / post-everything context. I seek to identify and articulate, with both bold biblical conviction and prayerful humility, the problems in need of reform in Korean American Ministry; and to present and highlight positive models of church and ministry.

Billy Park


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  1. Hannah Kim says:

    Hey there Pastor Billy and Gloria! How goes it?! I am so excited that I “found” you! I see your children have grown! What a beautiful family! I hear you are now in Georgia doing ministry there. Won Kwak, a friend of Pastor Billy’s, who is finishing his Pastor’s College year at Soveriegn Grace, told me today about your blog and that you were serving in GA. I trust all is going well! Is little Jonathan still drawing lots? Which one is Elisabeth and which one is..i forget her name? lovely girls! I do miss you all very much and think such fond memories of you when we were all at PPCC. I trust the Lord is doing much through your ministry! It is an encouragement to read through your blog and see how you have kept the Gospel central through all these years! Thank you for representing our Savior so well to all your ministry reaches!

    I continue to serve as a graphic designer at Covenant Life. It has been three years and I still enjoy it greatly and can’t believe i get to be there. God has been so kind and growing my love and appreciation for Him, through the teaching and discipleship at this church. They continue what you started in many ways for me, in growing my understanding and passion for Jesus and His work at Calvary. So even after all this time, thank you!

    If you ever in the area, drop a line and visit! It would be wonderful to see and hear from you again!

    Hope to see you all someday soon, Hannah Kim, RISD ’01

  2. Rev.Shakeel Maseeh says:

    Dear Pastor Billy Park i send a mail on ur mail address plz check it and reply me. Thanks. God bless u.

  3. Pastor Danny Park says:

    Hello Pastor Billy,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but we met twice in our lifetime. The first time was at Orange Pres. Church back in ’93 where I was candidating for youth pastorate, which you and I know God didn’t lead me to. Maybe for the better. The second time was at Katalyst Conf. held in Cheasapeake Bay (I think that’s the spelling) and we were in same team during the ice-breaker time.
    Anyways, by God’s grace I am still in youth ministry, and this year marks my 20th year in youth ministry, and all glory does go to God. I have been serving in Bethany UMC in New Jersey area for the past 3 years. But, by God’s soveriegn will God is moving us on from here. I just wrote because while going through the Bethel Church history, I noticed that you were there one time, and you came to my mind.
    Pastor Billy, I don’t know you well, but as a fellow servant of Christ, I would like to ask for your prayers and for possible leads in the Georgia Area for ministry. You may NOT know and remember, but my wife is also a minister of the Gospel, and she was ordained after being in ministry for 15 years this year in independent Baptist Denomination. Anyways, we are prayerfully searching for a church where they would recognize our passion, calling, and giftedness in ministry to hire both of us on as staff. I am still very much committed to youth ministry, and my wife’s strength is in the area of administration, and Christian Education. She is currently ministering at a different church as a full-time education pastor. Her love is children’s ministry, but she would love to be in Christian education pastorate role, if possible. I know you are in a PCA denomination, as it seems. Anyways, any help and lead in Georgia area or elsewhere would be greatly appreciated.

    Last time I saw you, you were still single. It’s great to see that you have been blessed with a great looking family, and it also seems like you have been busy literally carrying out the command of God to fill the earth. I have three children of my own.

    Well, take care fellow servant of Christ.

    God bless.
    Pastor Danny Park
    Pastor Cathy Park

  4. hello pastor billy says:

    pastor billy,

    i don’t know if you remember me but I sure remember you. this is hyon kyu from Columbia University. You and Pastor Danny Han used to come and speak at our KCCC meetings and I think you guys even came to our retreat one time. My sister is Kyong A. I happened upon this site when I was looking around KAMR website. Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello!

    Hyon Kyu

  5. Jeff Kim says:

    Dear pastor Billy,

    We, New Church of New York (Roslyn, New York) are seeking a full time youth ministry pastor. Would you have ideal candidates interested in serving at our church?

    Hope you can help us.

  6. Kenny Ahn says:

    Pastor Billy!!!

    You just came to my mind just now, so I looked you up on Google and here I am. I’d love to get back in touch with you. In the short time we were able to share at OKC in Fullerton, you were a gentle spirit and a challenging mentor. I hope to hear from you.

    Kenny Ahn

  7. John Won says:

    Hi Pastor Billy,

    I found a link to this site from Pastor Sam Shin’s blog. I have been at his church for the last seven years.

    Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you. Serving in the praise band at OKC alongside you was a tremendous blessing. I still think about that time with great fondness. Thank You. Let’s Rock!

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