Huckabee on Creation and Evolution


2 Responses to Huckabee on Creation and Evolution

  1. dengjosh says:

    whew, quite the defense. that’s cool to hear out of a presidential candidate’s mouth.

  2. Barnabas Park says:

    You many not know how I am excited to see that someone has interest in Mke Huckabee. In fact, my prayer and concern has been that somehow Korean-Americans in general and those Christians in specific may come to know what Mike Huckabee stands for.

    He is best known for his consistency in conservative values. He owns charm personality that withou sacrificing his own stand as social-conservative he reflect Christ-like compassion even for those who are against him or his opionion. He seems well respected even by left-leaning media persons for his outstanding personality, which to me reflects what Chrstian should be.

    One other thing that I notice is his compassion for minority group. Though Repulican party is a choice for most conservative Christians, yet when it comes to minority or immigrant community issue, not many would deny the party doesn’t have a good standing with them.
    Mike Huckabee has a record of being elected with highest percent of miniorty support ever in Arcansus as republican candidate for governor.

    I have so many things to mention about him as I watched almost every presentation he made so far. I am very much concerned about educational and cultural environment in which we and our future generation will grow up, I feel he should be our next president. I encourage you guys to pay attention to him and even support him. Thanks

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