9 Marks – Challenges to the Gospel


Have you checked out 9marks.org lately? They have posted a series of articles and resources on the Challenges to the Gospel.

The Therapeutic Gospel
By David Powlison

Brian McLaren and the Gospel of Here & Now
By Greg Gilbert

Satanism, Starbucks, and Other Gospel Challenges
A 9Marks Interview with David Wells

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Explaining the Gospel
You can get the PDF version of July/August 9News which includes the text of the articles.

Are these challenges relevant in the Asian American context or is there a different application for us? Read some the articles and feel free to give some feedback.


2 Responses to 9 Marks – Challenges to the Gospel

  1. Joe says:

    Billy, the Wells article ‘Satanism, Starbucks, and other Gospel Challengers’ is quite good. We pastors and other Christian leaders have always spoken of paradigm shifts that occur in ministry, and a lot of times we’ve focused on the ‘philosophy’ of these shifts. Wells, echoing Neil Postman here, points out that the message is nearly inseparable from the medium. So we often think we can simply change mediums so easily in the way we preach, teach, worship, and the like while preserving the same ‘message’. I think this is not so easily done, in particular when we consider modern technology. As a pastor, I think the biggest danger for us is when we become dependent on things such as media clips and the like to drive our point home. Anyways, excellent books. I’ll try and read more from 9marks when I have time, it’s good stuff. Many blessings~ Joe

  2. Billy Park says:

    Thanks Joe for your comment.

    David Wells points out in the 3rd Q/A an interesting development from pulpit to plexiglass stand to bar stool to a cup of Starbucks. Does anyone know who holds a cup of Starbucks as they preach or “share”? I can see this happening but don’t know of any specific examples. I’ve seen people preach from a bar stool. Does this make any difference? I would agree with David Wells that it does. He said it this way. “Now we have replaced the pulpit not even by a barstool, but by a cup of Starbucks coffee, which speaks of “human connecting.” And human connecting has become more important to us than our hearing from God. Now when we make these kinds of changes to our method, we are really making changes in the message that is delivered.”

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