A Great Resource for Biblical Learning

There is a website called monergism.com which is a wealth of information for the Reformed and Reforming believer.  I’m always amazed at the amount of resources that this site links to.   Here’s the link to the Audio Resources (this link is also in the MEDIA tab above). You can literally take free seminary courses if you follow the links.  Granted you have to be self-motivated to take advantage of the vast resources that are out there.

It is amazing how many Christians, pastors included, do not take advantage of the wealth of free resources before us.
How much of your time do you send on things that just kill time or bring temporary relieve from a bored and unengaged soul?  We live in a day of distractions.  I know my own propensity to waste time on things that soothe my unengaged soul when there are so many worthwhile things to do.

Brothers, how are you feeding your soul?  I ask this to myself as well.


4 Responses to A Great Resource for Biblical Learning

  1. paul says:

    yeah, that’s a lot of resources linked up over there; i wish i had a little more time to sit around and browse thru brainless sites;

    billy graham said loneliness is one of the greatest problems [in his day].
    i think boredom is one of the greatest problems facing humankind today, for those who no longer worry about food and shelter; perhaps, we could come up with a theology of entertainment?

  2. Dane Ortlund says:

    Thanks for the excellent site Billy. I enjoyed browsing around. What you say of Dr. Piper resonates with my heart and the Lord’s mercy in Piper’s influence on my own life. I’m grateful.

    Though not Korean myself, I love your desire to bring reformation to your context and specifically your–and, in a more profound sense, my–Asian brothers. Blessings on your labors.

  3. elderj says:

    It is just so easy to distract ourselves so we don’t have to deal with ourselves. It is really too bad, because as you say, there are so many worthwhile things

  4. Billy Park says:

    Dear Dane and ElderJ
    Thank you for your gracious comments and thank you for reading this website. This website is called “Reforming Korean American Ministry” because that is the context I know best, but I my concern is not mainly for the Korean American community but for the Kingdom of God. This website could just as well be called, “Reforming Ministry, Ministers, and Myself.”

    May the Gospel of Grace through Faith in Christ be proclaimed in all nations and to all peoples!!

    Billy Park

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