I’m back

It’s been a long hiatus but here goes.

I have been reading Sam Shin’s blog and I would recommend you check it out. I must warn you, Sam writes alot, unlike me. However, much of what I hope this website, Reforming Korean American Ministry, can become, Sam is already doing – writing book reviews, interacting in depth with people, commenting on things theological and practical. Way to go Sam!!

Sam Shin and I are long time friends. We grew up together, though he’s a few years younger than me. Sam’s father was an elder at the church my father was the pastor. We grew up in New Jersey. In 1988, Sam and I started a newsletter called the SaltShaker which we distributed to over 20 campuses to Korean American Christian college students. I was a seminary student at Princeton Seminary and Sam was a college student at Rutgers Univ. We both didn’t know anything about publishing nor have any skills in graphic design but we had a passion to spread the news about what God was doing in changing many lives, including our own. The late 80s was at time of revival and renewal for myself, Sam and many others. I’ll write more in the next posting. Unlike Sam, my fingers get tired and my brain hurts after typing a few paragraphs.


2 Responses to I’m back

  1. Sam Shin says:

    Billy, I have much to credit you for my verbosity. J/K sort of. I remember the nights spent in your dorm room at Princeton asking many questions to you. And I am thankful that you were there during those times. It blessed me to have you as an older brother steering me on my path to know Christ and savor the Gospel.

    Billy one thing about PTS that I rmember most was volleball night. Well Billy, I played in a Volleybal tourney Saturday. It was really fun as usual. It was a 9 man grass tourney and our church went to the quarterfinals. We always lose to the same team however, so alas, it didn’t work out the way we liked it. I bet if you were hear you’d be right there with everyone.

    I’m glad your back.

  2. Billy Park says:

    I read your blog about volleyball yesterday before I wrote this post. I good post, but I was a bit envious. I haven’t played in a good volleyball game in over a year. I played in a community league two years ago, but I really miss those college and seminary days. Keep up the good work on your post and your ministry.


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