(Updated) Theologically-Minded Contemporary Hymn Writer: Dr. Gary Parrett

Gary ParrettDr. Gary Parrett, associate professor of Educational Ministry and Worship at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, is not only a great teacher but a song/hymn writer. Dr. Parrett's songs have been sung at Gordon-Conwell as well as in some churches. He has given me permission to post his hymns here: GaryParrettHymnalswithlinks.doc (updated). The file only has the words, but most of them are set to a familiar tune. This is what Dr. Parrett says in the last paragraph:

I hereby grant permission for the use of these songs, hymns and Scripture settings for any non-commercial use in congregational or personal worship. (I am a registered songwriter with CCLI, and you can report congregational use of these hymns to them, if you’d like.) The tunes that I have suggested can be heard online at www.cyberhymnal.org (click on ‘Tunes by Name’) & similar sites. If you’d like to discuss the content of these hymns, to suggest or write a contemporary tune for any of these texts, or to discuss their possible usage in any way, my e-mail is: gary.parrett@gmail.com.



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