Together for the Gospel

I'll be at the Together for the Gospel Pastors' Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from Wednesday to Friday (April 26-28).  I am really looking forward to this conference. There will be over 2,800 plus God-centered, passionate pastors from various backgrounds all united by the Sovereign God and the Gospel of Grace in Christ.  I'm traveling with two other Korean American pastors from Atlanta.  I have the sneaking suspicion that only a handful of Asian Americans will be there. I hope I'm wrong, but AAs traveling to Kentucky is not a great sell.  I'm hoping more Asian American pastors will go to conferences like these.  The purpose of this website is to connect more KA and AA pastors to organizations like Together for the Gospel.

Check out the website for LiveBlog by Tim Challies during the conference.


2 Responses to Together for the Gospel

  1. Won S. Kwak says:

    hi billy… it was great seeing you at the conference. and what a conference it was! i got your message. perhaps one day if you’re ever back in nj or if i’m ever down in georgia, we can hook up again…

  2. Billy Park says:

    Won, Yes indeed, it ws a great conference. This was one of the two best conferences I’ve been to. The other one was the 2003 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors w/ Sinclair Ferguson and Piper.
    It was great having lunch with at T4G. God be with you in your church planting effort in NJ.

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