Atonement and the Resurrection

Mark Dever wrote an exceptional article for (posted 4.13.2006) on the atonement.  I found that my old friend, Sam Shin, a pastor in California, posted a great reflection on the article on his blog:  AtoneMEnt! and More on the AtoneMEnt! (not a typo, read the articles to get it.)

Also, Sam has a good post on NT Wright's belief that one does not have to believe in the resurrection to be a Christian (though NT Wright himself believes in the bodily resurrection of Jesus).

 Check out Sam's blog (, there is much good theological reflection and issues raised.  Sam is an old friend from New Jersey.  We were co-founders of the old SaltShaker newsletter (1988-1992). Anyone remember the SaltShaker?


2 Responses to Atonement and the Resurrection

  1. Sam Shin says:

    Billy, I feel like we are writing the same things. I look forward to many years of conversations cocnerning so many things that concern the vitality of the Church and its faithfulness to the Gospel!

    SaltShaker through blogging, who would have thunk it?!

  2. Billy Park says:

    Sam, Great the get back in touch with you. Great webblog that you have. It’s amazing that we haven’t talked with each other for quite some time, but from your blog, our thinking seems to be headed in the same direction (almost!) 🙂 May God strengthen your ministry at Wellspring in the Bay area. Billy

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